Firehouse Pub & Grill

The Party By The Pond!

Thank you for joining us at the “Firehouse”!
Kurtis, Mi Kyong and “The Boys” along with the staff would like to welcome you to our home away from home.

In March of 2009, we set out to make the “Firehouse” a community hangout. A place where families, friends, co-workers and complete strangers could get together to watch a game, enjoy a cold beverage and have a good meal all at the same time. We want the “Firehouse” to literally be your home away from home.

Our goals were to provide a laid-back atmosphere, great beer selection, quality food and friendly service. In August of 2010, we added a full-bar to our menu; while continuing to provide a family-friendly place to relax.
If we are falling short on any of these goals, please feel free to let us know. If there is a game you want to watch, feel free to ask (we may not be able to, but we will try). If there is a beer you would like to try,
we will provide a sample or two.